Number of arrivals in Paris and Rome - question about methodology

2004-10-06 09:29 von katy
Dear Sir/Madam,
I understand that data are not directly comparable. Still, I would appreciate if you could provide more details of the methodology used to assess number of arrivals to Rome and Paris (annual figures). My problem is that I have some doubts about 8 million arrivals to Paris (while whole France attracts more than 70 million foreigners) and less than 4 million arrivals to Rome (while whole Italy attracts more than 40 million foreigners).
Other sources show considerably higher figures.

Thank you so much in advance

2004-10-21 23:52 von c3
Unfortunately, we do not have any further information on the methodology yet. The data is provided by the respective tourist offices' managers. However, if you let us know about your 'other sources' we may be able to confront these managers with it.

bw, Karl W÷ber